.NET Developer

Hyon Sim recently joined the Fyin.com team as a .NET Developer. Hyon was born in Korea but has spent most of his life in Colorado. He emigrated to the US in 1984, when he was but a wee lad. He later earned a B.S. in Math from Colorado School of Mines in Golden.

Hyon brings many technical strengths to our team. He has a solid background in C# and the Microsoft Web stack. He holds a certification in Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate for Web Applications.  

The best developers are self-motivated, curious, and never satisfied with “good enough.” Hyon fits the bill on all of those qualities. He doesn’t consider the task done until it’s something he can be proud of. Hyon is methodical and focused, but isn’t afraid to have a little fun at the same time. He is generally a positive thinker and a friendly soul, but do not get him started on improper turn signal usage.

Like many Coloradans, he enjoys outdoorsy activities like mountain biking. He also indulges his creative side through photography. Of course, as a parent, Hyon directs some of his excess energy into chasing his kids. He enjoys sharing his Korean heritage with his children and often rings in each New Year with traditional Korean food.

Random fact: If you’re also a bike nerd, you may be impressed to know that he has been known to pedal up Lookout Mountain in under 26 minutes.