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A newbie's reflections on her first Umbraco festival, from harrowing Uber rides to friendly faces and everything in between.

To work at, you need solid technical skills, a focus on excellence, and . . . a very good sense of humor.

We're not keeping all of the secrets to ourselves! We'll teach you some tips and tricks to help make your Umbraco editing experience smooth.

What you need to know about an important Umbraco security patch, to be released on September 20th.

Andrew Barta will enlighten us with the future of Umbraco, Umbraco 8. Segment and Variants. has hired Dan Bartels, a seasoned web/software developer and Subject Matter Expert. is Wisconsin's Original Umbraco Certified Gold Partner.

Some may get excited over a new pair of shoes or a new gadget. At, we're geeking out over the new version of Umbraco. 7.11 is here.

Umbraco enthusiasts will gather in Chicago this October to learn, network, and talk about all things Umbraco.

Having a secure website is more important than ever, even if you aren't selling anything. Having an SSL certificate is now the standard.

Microsoft Blob Storage is your best bet for data storage. Find out why we recommend it in conjunction with Umbraco.

Learn how a stellar design and Umbraco CMS came together to create beautiful music. The conductor?

Join us for the next Denver Area Umbraco Meetup on 6/28! This Happy Hour event will feature a guest speaker: Andrew Barta from Umbraco HQ. is growing! We recently expanded into the Green Bay, WI market. We've added new client partners and new team members as well.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect across the European Union on 5/28. Find out how these new requirements affect us. recently sponsored a Tesla hypermile world record attempt. Find out how it all turned out!

A recap of the Fyin team's adventures at Codegarden 2018 in Odense, Denmark.

Codegarden 2018 is almost here! We're sending a Fyin team to this annual gathering of the Umbraco community. Find out what we hope to learn!

Be versed in the inner workings of Examine and Lucene. Be able to write your own search solutions using Examine.

Advanced Routing, Page Controllers & models. Replacing Umbraco components with custom ones. Website Membership & Back Office integration.

Backoffice UX best practices AngularJS introduction, Implementing your own editing component, Replacing editors, grids and lists.

Every month we hold a monthly Umbraco meetup. There is always something to learn so come hang out with us!

Every month we hold a monthly Umbraco meetup. There is always something to learn so come hang out with us!

Learn more about how a CMS can cause your website to be disruptive.

Partners must acknowledge the fact that people, no matter what their age, consume media very differently than they did 10, 5, or 2 years ago

Depending on the audience of who shows up, we are open to change and playing ping pong and hanging out is always an option!

Our new offsite backup is salable to 1 Petabyte of data (1,000,000,000 MB). That is a lot of WEBSITES!

Jumping into Umbraco in 2017 we are going to be building a template site into Umbraco.

We are going kick off the new year with a friendly meetup about the world's friendliest CMS, Umbraco.