18 Jan, 2019 | Fyin.com

What does it mean to be an Umbraco Certified Gold Partner? For the Fyin.com team, it's a designation that we are honored to have. Being an Umbraco Gold Partner means that we are heavily invested (in many different ways) in the Umbraco CMS. Being a partner also means that we work closely with the Umbraco HQ team in Denmark. Like Umbracians around the globe, our developers also keep up on the latest releases, engage in continuing Umbraco education opportunities, and in some cases even contribute to the core product. 

Our Managing Director, David Dimmer, recently flew to New York City to take part in the Umbraco Gold Partner Summit. The summit held several goals, one of which is increase the visibility of Umbraco in the US market. The Umbraco CMS was developed in Denmark and is well-known across Europe. Over time, more and more US companies and organizations have recognized the benefits of using this ever-evolving, open source product. This brainstorming session sought to increase that awareness. 

The Umbraco HQ attendees included Anders Trans Sørensen (Official title: Major Friend Maker), Kim Sneum Madsen (Chief Friend Maker), and Andrew Barta (American Trainer and Friend Maker). You may notice a theme with the job titles - Umbraco's commitment to being the Friendly CMS is no joke! 

After the afternoon meeting, the summit attendees gathered at Bryant Park Grill in Manhattan for dinner, festivities, and more Umbraco-centric chatter. It was a productive day and an important one for Gold Partners like Fyin.com.

Of course, no discussion of Umbraco is complete without asking when the long-awaited Umbraco version 8 will be released. While no formal date has been promised, version 8 is currently listed at 93% completion. All signs point to a first quarter release. We can't wait to get our hands on it and to help our client-partners take their websites to the next level.  

Ready for your own Umbraco-powered site? Let Fyin.com show you what we can do! 

Umbraco Gold Partner Summit, NYC

Posted By: Claudia

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