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Searching and Indexing with Examine Training

Searching and Indexing with Examine

Target Audience

Asp.net MVC Developers who need to build real world search applications with Umbraco.


You are expected to know Umbraco and its APIs; asp.net MVC, Visual Studio and GIT.

Course Topics:

  • Lucene.net internals
  • Examine configuration
  • Examine Fluent API
  • Examine events, gathering node and document writing
  • How to debug Examine queries
  • Indexing and searching PDFs
  • Boosting
  • How to build your own custom indexer
  • Multi index search
  • Multilingual search
  • How to index complex data types
  • Spatial search with Lucene.net contrib
  • Faceting


By the end of the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Be versed in the inner workings of Examine and Lucene.
  • Be able to write your own search solutions using Examine.
  • Understand the common issues faced by people starting out with Examine.
  • Learn how to debug search queries.
  • Gain insider knowledge of the extended capabilities of the search tool.
  • Create advanced search solutions using Lucene.net contrib.
  • Achieve official recognition as an Examine expert.

Posted By: Andrew